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 Emacs Est Mort, Vive Le TextMate!

Other than they keep moving my control key, which I can work around with keymaping . Nothing is wrong with emacs commands. Harrumph.

"There are 101 keys on your average keyboard. The number of commands in Emacs is some value exponentially greater than this. So how does Emacs let you enter all those commands? Through prefix keys. Most of Emacs interesting commands take more than one set of keystrokes to access first you type a prefix and then you type the actual command. For example, to open a file, you have to press ctrl-x and then ctrl-f. Even exiting Emacs takes multiple keys: ctrl-x and then ctrl-c. Remembering all these combinations of key presses is no easy feat. And actually typing them all leads to worn-out keyboards, RSI, and tears."
Emacs Est Mort, Vive Le TextMate! - O'Reilly Mac DevCenter Blog

 (Submitted by Noel Mon May 15, 2006 )


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