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 Ruby on Rails to become mainstream?

Another opinion piece on Ruby on Rails.

"We've been going through the Ruby on Rails book in our Bainbridge Island reading group, so I was interested to see Cedric Beust's post Why Ruby on Rails won't become mainstream. It took me a few moments to get over the sting of being called someone who hasn't learned anything in 30 years (despite the fact that I only learned Lisp/Scheme 22 years ago). That bit of discomfort aside, there are some interesting points in his post. I am looking for a web framework for some experimental projects, and I think that many of the points that Cedric made are just as applicable to Python/Turbogears/Django, etc."
Ted Leung on the air : What does it mean for Ruby on Rails to become mainstream?

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Apr 17, 2006 )


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