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 Linux supporters fiddle while OpenSSH burns

I have not been paying attention to this issue so I can not offer an opinion on most of the points this article makes. But it is worth reading about and thinking about.

"Some anti-BSD zealots have privately entreated OpenSSH programmers to split OpenSSH from the OpenBSD project in order to protect it, but OpenBSD's stewardship is not the issue. While funding for OpenBSD has dwindled below critical levels, OpenSSH will not go down with the OpenBSD ship, so to speak. The issue is that OpenSSH, regardless of which programming team maintains stewardship of it and despite its critical importance to system administration, is not being monetarily supported by the companies and users that rely on it. Without full-time programmers working on it, OpenSSH's legendary security could suffer. "
The Jem Report - Linux supporters fiddle while OpenSSH burns

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 30, 2006 )


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