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 OpenBSD Needs Your Help

Marco Peereboom explains a little about the OpenBSD financial needs, in terms of what is needed and how it is used. CD sales are down and FTP installs are up which prints a pretty bleak picture. For there to be a hackathon next year there must either be a sponsor or a significant rise in donations. For the full text please read this article on undeadly.org. Keep in mind the other ancillary (but not less important) projects of OpenSSH, OpenNTPD, OpenBGPD all rely on these donations to keep providing this high quality and completely unencumbered software. Software development is not cheap and quality reliable software is even less so. Hackathons bring a lot of change, direction and innovation to the community and are therefore worth every penny so please help keep them an annual event.

 (Submitted by Sean Wed Mar 22, 2006 )


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