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 Ultimate Ubuntu eye-candy with Xgl and Compiz

This guide steps right through getting these installed and setup.

"Compiz. Maybe you've heard the buzz, the pictures and videos, and spent the past few weeks in absolute agony over the coolness of it all. Okay, maybe you haven't - but I have. I could rant on and on about why this is the absolute coolest thing ever. An OpenGL powered desktop, Composite, OSX-rivalling effects, and works on ATI cards? At first I thought it to be too good to be true. Yet, there are the screenshots, the forum posts, and everywhere people seem to be talking about it. So why not give it a shot?"
TECTONIC: Howto: Ultimate Ubuntu eye-candy with Xgl and Compiz

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 15, 2006 )


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