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 VMware cuts VMware Server price to zero

I am very excited about this product. If you have never played with VMWare you can try the player (which allows one virtual machine to be run under Linux or Windows). The vmware server edition will allow multiple virtual servers to be used. I am going to use this to play with new distributions and other things. For example you can build a collection of virtual machines and play with clustering software. All without having to buy a rack full of real machines that will heat up your bedroom to pizza restaurant kitchen levels.

"Raghu Raghuram, VMware's vice president of datacenter and desktop platform products, said that the product would be "an advancement over GSX," VMware's current entry-level server virtualization product, and that VMware would begin directing new customers to VMware Server. Though the release is free as in beer, the product is not being released under an open source license."
NewsForge | VMware cuts VMware Server price to zero

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Feb 6, 2006 )


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