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 Project Deep Blitz: Master-Level Chess on a PC

Very interesting article that talks about building a machine that is the equal of Deep Blue using off the shelf parts. Along the way it tells us a lot about how Deep Blue is put together.

"Setting aside the multi-million dollar price tag, Deep Blue consisted of a pair of 6-foot, 5-inch black towers weighing 1.4 tons. Deep Blue's processors, designated "P2SC", integrated eight older Power2 chips on a single die with a total of 15 million transistors. Thus in terms of processor chips alone Deep Blue contained 480 million transistors; but the Deep Blue team did not stop there. In 1997 Deep Blue also contained 512 Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs), each with 1.3 million transistors for an additional 666 million transistors resulting in a grand total of 1.15 billion transistors."
Project Deep Blitz: Master-Level Chess on a PC--ExtremeTech Feature

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Feb 3, 2006 )


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