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 Marcel's Linux App of the Month: Workrave

I should get something like this. I tend to get so wrapped up in whatever I am working on that I forget about everything else and could use the reminders to take a stretch or a break.

"That's where Workrave comes into play. This handy little program sits quietly in the background as you work. Then, at some regularly programmed intervals, it pops up a gentle reminder to take a break. These breaks vary from micro breaks that last a few seconds to rest breaks lasting a few minutes, and finally to a message that it's time to log out and go home for the day. The length of each of these events is configurable and yes, it is possible to skip or postpone a break if you really, really, have to keep working."
Unix Review > Marcel's Linux App of the Month: Workrave

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Jan 23, 2006 )


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