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 The Linux HTPC Howto

How to build a media computer using Linux.

"The purpose of the Linux HTPC Howto is to help educate people who are interested in learning about or building their own media computer (aka HTPC). The perfect HTPC solution doesn't exist and because of this there are many ways to build a HTPC and there are even more pitfalls that can make a HTPC more troublesome than helpful. This guide is designed to help both Windows and Linux users see what is involved in building a HTPC and what technologies need to be considered to make your goal a reality. The guide also takes many of the complicated details that are typically overlooked by people new to HTPC's and helps make things easier to understand."
The Linux HTPC Howto - Basic and Advance Media Center Build Tips

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Jan 19, 2006 )


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