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 Interview with Etoile authors

Interesting interview with some people that going down (and building) their own road.

"When I discovered GNUstep, unlike GNOME/GTK, KDE/QT or whatever, it looked like an exciting possibility to build a new Desktop Environment I would like to use. I thought initially Backbone could be a such environment, Nicolas was involved in Backbone, which brought us to exchange our ideas on User Interface and Desktop Environment topic, but I wasn't interested by official Backbone vision which intends to recreate NeXTSTEP before starting to rethink it. In parallel I became more critical on Cocoa API, in a perspective taking in account both its historical design and how it was evolving right now. Finally GNUstep being still not really usable two years ago, I decided to contribute to GNUstep, moreover it was a good opportunity to have a better understanding of Cocoa/OpenStep API. Ultimately I thought it would open various possibilities to improve it."
Interview with Etoile authors

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Jan 18, 2006 )


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