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 Linux Is Just Right For Teens

I will not let my teenagers have a Windows machine for just this reason. They have to use a Mac or a Linux or Unix box.

"The other problem was that I hated her having a computer.I hated it because I constantly had to work on it. She used the computer for homework, instant messaging, and browsing. Every couple of months, I found myself removing spyware and other junk from the computer. Occasionally it was easier just to re-build the computer by re-installing ALL the software, including the operating system. I track her internet usage through my router so I know that she has not been to questionable sites but these things continue to work their way into her computer.I decided to consider something that I had never before considered. LINUX!"
Linux Is Just Right For Teens

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Jan 9, 2006 )


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