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 A Brief Look at C++0x

I had not even heard about the next version of C++. But I am a C programmer not a C++ programmer. I have been telling people that the two best things about a C++ compiler are that it will compile C code and the comments. Gotta love the comments.

"Bjarne offers a sneak peek at the next version of standard C++ ("C++0x") which should be complete by 2009. The work on C++0x has entered a decisive phase. The ISO C++ committee aims for C++0x to become C++09. It follows that the standard must be complete for ratification by the ISO member nations in 2008. The set of facilities offered will be chosen from those currently being considered. To finish in time, the committee has stopped looking for new proposals and concentrates on the ones already being considered."
A Brief Look at C++0x

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Jan 4, 2006 )


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