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 Enhancing Performance Of Mac OS X

This looks like a solid article written by someone with a good understanding of what can make a system slow and what things you can do to speed it back up.

"When it comes to better performance, apart from buying a new computer, increasing RAM is probably the best way to enhance the performance of your system. This minimizes the amount of time the computer has to use Virtual memory. Make sure you have as much RAM as you can afford (and need). Despite OS X only requiring 256MB of RAM, Apple has began to include 512MB of RAM with every single computer. You should, too, if your computer does not have 512MB of RAM. Of course, your requirement above this also depends on what you use your Mac for. While you use your Mac, observe the memory usage from the Activity Monitor application to get an idea of how much load your system is handling. A good way of determining whether you need more RAM is to follow this series of steps:"
Mac Guides: Enhancing Performance Of Mac OS X

 (Submitted by Noel Sat Dec 31, 2005 )


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