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 Managing TV with XMLTV

How to get detailed TV listings with XMLTV.

"I quickly settled upon XMLTV as the back-end and front-end for getting detailed TV listings. XMLTV downloads data from Zap2It using their Data Direct service and provides multiple ways to filter, sort, and augment the data. The first step in using XMLTV is setting up an account with Zap2It. There you will need to accept their license agreement and provide some personal information to get an account. I have never received a marketing email from them, but do need to renew my registration every three months by filling out another short survey of ten questions or so. When setting up your account, the most important thing to do is choose your local channel line-up. After selecting this, it is possible to filter stations by using the Details button under Actions. It is better to do this at the Zap2It site rather than with XMLTV, as you'll have to download much less data. When you download data with the tv_grab_na_dd script, it will include a notification of your subscription's expiration date."
ONLamp.com: Managing TV with XMLTV

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Dec 12, 2005 )


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