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 Some Useful XEmacs Customizations

Hi my name is Noel and I love emacs, but I also use vi. It all started when I would install a Solaris machine and emacs was not there! (This was in the late 90s). After a while I found myself using vi whenever I only needed to change a few characters and I was not already running emacs. I still consider myself in the emacs camp, but vi is also a useful tool.

"In the past, any Unix system that did not have the vi editor was considered neutered. While many users still believe that, my opinion is the best Unix text editor is the one you know, and, today, many people do know Emacs. Scuttlebutt has it that even Bill Joy — the creator of vi — uses Emacs. With Emacs users in mind, Tom Benton presents some useful XEmacs customizations."
Unix Review > Shell Corner: Some Useful XEmacs Customizations

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Dec 9, 2005 )


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