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 Edubuntu Linux

Cool distribution. Supposed to be very easy to use and run on low end machines.

"Why does this concern readers of Blogging Baby? One of Ubuntu's editions is Edubuntu, a Linux desktop designed especially for kids. Edubuntu bills itself as an operating system chock full of educational software and games, desktop publishing applications, and even painting and 3D rendering software - all free of charge, courtesy of the devoted Linux community. If Edubuntu takes off, it could be a boon for everybody: low-income families needing a low-cost computer; middle-class families who want their kids to have the power and flexibility of the rich Unix operating system; and schools looking to equip students with the most power at the least cost."
Review: Is Edubuntu truly the operating system for families? - Blogging Baby - www.bloggingbaby.com _

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Dec 8, 2005 )


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