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 System Configurations and Changes with cfengine

Smart people that I know love this thing. It's on my short list of things to play with.

"Cfengine, written by Mark Burgess, is one of several tools available to automate system configurations and changes. Cfengine lets you assert certain conditions on a server, and over time the server will converge towards meeting those conditions. Depending on how you write your cfengine configuration files, the first time cfengine runs on your mail server it could install your sendmail RPM. The second time it could update /etc/mail from a CVS repository. The third time cfengine runs it could restart your mail daemon if it's not running already. At midnight, cfengine might clear out all old files from "/tmp" and run your log rotation scripts."
Sys Admin > v15, i01: Automate System Configurations and Changes with cfengine

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Dec 6, 2005 )


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