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 Advice for the Unemployed CS Graduate

Interesting article that even the employed could use for their benefit.

"Writing software might seem obvious, but speaking from experience, it's not hard to miss this one. If you're not employed, it can be all to easy to fall into the trap of spending all day browsing the web for job openings or reading something of the likes of Slashdot, and writing software -- especially if you start with a some sort of project plan and write a complete, usable application -- is one of the best things you could be doing with your extra free time. Perhaps you can find a local nonprofit organization or small company that could use some custom software development; they might pay, or they might not, but either way it would be good experience for you."
Advice for the Unemployed Computer Science Graduate

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Dec 1, 2005 )


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