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 OpenLDAP and Sendmail

OpenLDAP has been around for a while and this Sysadmin Magazine article is a fine introduction to it.

"LDAP and Sendmail offer sys admins considerable advantages for dynamic mail routing and centralized alias management. A common requirement, as an organization grows, is to support geographically dispersed mailservers. While this can be achieved by using subdomaining (i.e., bill@nyc.acme.com, jane@dublin.acme.com), it is generally preferable to route the mail dynamically from a single address (jane@acme.com). I'll explore how this can be accomplished using Sendmail in conjunction with OpenLDAP."
Sys Admin > v15, i01: Routing and Alias Management with OpenLDAP and Sendmail

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Nov 25, 2005 )


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