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 Wearable Computing for the Commons

Interesting article that talks about the usefulness of wearable computers at this point. I made a PDA out of a paper notebook recently and it works great. I only use it as a data storage device and a place to make notes that are later transfered to my Powerbook. I am not really sold on the corded input devices, but that may only be because I have never used one.

"One of his most successful inventions, says Georgia Tech professor Thad Starner, is a four-inch strip of Velcro that sticks his "Twiddler" keyboard to the side of his shoulder bag. The Twiddler is a handheld chording keyboard manufactured by the Handkey corporation, and the Velcro lets Starner grab his keyboard and start typing in just two seconds flat. Indeed, speed of access is one of the determining factors in whether a mobile information device will be used for mundane and casual tasks, according to a paper Starner recently published. Two seconds from storage to use is optimal. More than 10 seconds, the device stays unused."
Wearable Computing for the Commons

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Nov 23, 2005 )


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