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 Nagios Plug-ins

Nagios is a nice system / network monitoring tool.

"The code in a previous article, Extending Nagios with Plug-ins, started out as a plug-in to check computer internal temperatures using the output from the lm_sensors package. Along the way, I generalized it to check any of the supported sensors against user-supplied warning and critical-alert thresholds. Alerts were issued for values above the thresholds. Fine for temperatures, but not for voltages where you want alerts above or below a range. The Nagios Plug-ins Project has a suggested syntax for ranges. This article describes a module for handling ranges, adds example code for checking ACPI temperatures on Linux, and includes skeleton Nagios plug-in code that you can adapt for your own needs."
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 (Submitted by Noel Thu Nov 17, 2005 )


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