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 Replacing the hard drive of a G4 iBook 800Mhz

For the record I don't think you should do this, and if you do its at your own risk. But this article has a great set of instructions with pictures and everything for taking your ibook apart and replacing the hard drive. Which is something I may have to do real soon now.

"The hard drive couldn't be mounted anymore. Drrrr clic, drrrrrr clic, you get the picture. No booting with COMMAND S either. I didn't get luckier trying to boot with an external hard drive or a CD. Internal units were just waiting. Added to the whole thing, the mike has been mute for a pretty long time. My iBook is a year and four month old and has no AppleCare. "
Replacing the hard drive of a G4 iBook 800Mhz and recovering of the built-in mike.

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Nov 17, 2005 )


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