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 Create trick iCal recurring events

Hacking iCal. Use at your own risk :)

"iCal's event scheduling options are relatively powerful, you can set up events that occur on a variety of daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly schedules. However, there's one seemingly-simple thing that iCal doesn't let you do: create an event that occurs on the last day of every month, or some mix of days and the last day of the month. Consider your paycheck. Many companies pay on the 15th and the last day of the month. If you use iCal to track your bill-due and income-received dates, this is a bit of a problem. But if you're willing to get just a bit geeky (it is Friday, after all!), there's a solution at hand…"
Macworld: Mac OS X Hints: Create trick iCal recurring events

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Nov 14, 2005 )


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