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 Upgrading your iBook

For the record. I don't think you should do this. But it is interesting and a nice reference if my iBook (long out of warranty) requires open heart surgery.

"The iBook 12" is an excellent compromise between mobility, robustness, performance and price. It can also be transformed to become a strong competitor for its brother, the PowerBook 12". However, it is impossible to equip the iBook 12" as a PowerBook 12" via the BTO from the Apple Store. So, it can be tempting to buy a basic iBook 12" model and upgrade it yourself into a highly performing mobile computer. This article is intended to provide you help to perform such transformation. This transformation is not a "piece of cake", and requires skills, knowledge and tools. So read this article many times to ensure that you understand properly each step and the action performed. If you have a doubt, DO NOT START! "
A step-by-step to turn your iBook12" into a PowerBook12"-killer

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Nov 11, 2005 )


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