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 Top 21 PHP progamming mistakes

Whether or not you use PHP, you can get something out of this article. It's well written and interesting.

"There just hasn't been enough emphasis on good programming practice. Inexperienced coders are being asked to create and distribute complex web applications. Mistakes that an experienced programmer would avoid are all over the place, such as the improper use of the printf()functions or the misapplication of PHP's semantics. In this three part article series, I'll present a list of 21 mistakes that I believe are frequently made and ranging in severity from non-critical down to those that can break the farm. I will then offer solutions, suggestions and/or comments on how to solve and prevent these errors, in addition to other tricks of the trade that I have gained over the years."
Zend Technologies - Articles - Top 21 PHP progamming mistakes - Part I: Seven Textbook Mistakes

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Nov 7, 2005 )


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