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 Reading Function and Cursor Keys in a Shell Script

Really nice article that tells you how to use readline to parse function and curser keys. At the moment I am not sure why I would want to do this. But if you have such a need this article will tell you how.

"My preferred shell for interactive scripting is bash because of the readline library and the extensions to the read command. In this article, I will forsake portability for the clarity of bash (version 2 or later). If you want to use stty and dd, the principles are the same. You can find out more about using dd in Mouse Reporting in a Shell Script and Trapping Special Characters in the Korn Shell; the techniques in this article are similar to the ones discussed there."
Unix Review > Shell Corner: Reading Function and Cursor Keys in a Shell Script

 (Submitted by Noel Sat Nov 5, 2005 )


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