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 Trying out the new OpenBSD 3.8

Very positive review of OpenBSD 3.8. OpenBSD is a solid choice for a Unix server application, check it out.

"So, apart from requiring you to learn more about Unix system configuration than you knew you'd forgotten, how is working on OpenBSD different from working on Linux? The short answer is: it isn't. Unless you depend on closed-source commercial applications (which in general you won't find for OpenBSD), virtually the entire catalog of familiar free and open source software titles is available through the packages and ports system ("packages" in BSD lingo refer to programs in the official binary release, "ports" are apps from outside the official tree and are generally built from source on the local machine)."
NewsForge | Trying out the new OpenBSD 3.8

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Nov 4, 2005 )


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