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 Assemble an Open Source IPTV Production Suite

I really like how the open source community is maturing rapidly in the area of Audio and Video editing and creation tools. It seems likely that in time the best tools will be open source.

"The Open Source IPTV Production Suite is an ensemble of high-level animation, 3D, compositing and editing tools that are available as free, open source GPL applications. However, this is not a direct attempt to duplicate the production tools found in Apple's Final Cut Studio. It's an attempt to create a fully functional, professional software suite that is capable of generating high end VFX and 3D animation like those found in Shake and Motion and Maya. Don't be fooled, just because the software is open source doesn't mean that it isn't of professional grade."
DIGERATI UNIVERSITY Assemble an Open Source IPTV Production Suite

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Nov 3, 2005 )


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