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 Graphviz - Why draw when you can code?

He really likes Graphviz and tells us all about it.

"Seriously though, Graphviz is a really nice tool for creating diagrams that combines an easy to use textual description language with a set of graphical visualization algorithms. It can export these diagrams to a plethora of different formats (SVG, JPEG, and PDF to name just a few). While I've not had a lot of experience with it, I can definitely tell you that it will be my tool of choice for creating simple diagrams for class, work, articles, you name it. I was able to learn enough of the dot language (dot is the simple text language that you'll use to describe your diagram) in about an hour to complete my diagram. Total time for learning and creating my diagram's description—1.5 hours. Total time to get halfway to completion with OmniGraffle— approximately 2 hours."
Graphviz - Why draw when you can code?

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Nov 3, 2005 )


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