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 Tivoli iSongBook Portable iPod Music System

Very cool looking iPod music thing. Interesting 3rd party expansion.

"There's not only a second speaker, but Tivoli actually made it detachable - a holy grail of sorts for dedicated iPod speaker design. Then, as you'll notice on the left, there's an iPod dock - not just any iPod dock, but a true universal dock,? as Apple has put it, and the first one we've seen on a third-party accessory. Tivoli includes seven Dock Adapters (1-7, for those keeping count since our review of the Apple Universal Dock), which is enough to cover every size of iPod from 3G to 4G and mini. iPod nano and 5G owners get Dock Adapters with their iPods. "
First Looks Special: Tivoli iSongBook Portable iPod Music System

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Nov 3, 2005 )


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