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 Installing RoundCube Webmail

Interesting sounding webmail client. Full tutorial on how to install RoundCube Webmail.

"Take a look at some of the screenshots. It's just as great as it looks once its on your server. I recommend you start with a RoundCube Demo. Please keep in mind the demo is heavily used and will be slow. It will be much faster on your own server. Its got lots of the new-fangled web programming language-hybrid, AJAX, which is an acronym for Asynchronous Javascript And XML. A strong feature that AJAX totes is being able to send and receive little bits and pieces of data without having to reload the page, making for clean page transitions in RoundCube. Also the AJAX in RoundCube makes a nice floating, translucent banner on the top of the page when it is loading or has an error to display. Check out this article on Adaptive Path if you want to find out more about AJAX. Still not blown away by RoundCube? Check out Mark Boulton's review."
HOW TO: Setup RoundCube Webmail on Your Server at PaulStamatiou.com

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Oct 31, 2005 )


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