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 Ajax Tutorial: Ajax What Is It Good For?

This is an extensive article talking about AJAX and other related things. And the interface is very cool. Check it out even if your not going to read all 37 pages. (They are pretty small pages don't worry)

"Recently Garret Smith of Adaptive Path made a good case for using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and coined the acronym "AJAX" to represent that notion. It is similar to the Remote Iframe technique in that things are handled on the client side, but as we shall see differs in significant ways. That article reminded me of our earlier work on this front and sparked my interest in ajax. Part of that interest is writing this article and sharing my meager knowledge with the development community. To my way of thinking, ajax is more a natural progression from an existing set of techniques as opposed to being something completely brand new. Yet within that progression, things are markedly different than in previous years in a couple of key areas:"
Ajax Tutorial: Ajax What Is It Good For?

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Oct 31, 2005 )


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