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 Linux Distributions Guide

Really well done overview of a bunch of different Linux distributions. Its just opinions so your milage may vary, but it's a well done set of opinions.

"It's been gaining in popularity for the past several years, but many Linux newbies are faced with an important question: Which Linux OS to get? Unlike most OSs, the individual components of Linux (the kernel, the core libraries, startup scripts, shells, GUI tools, and so on) are all available separately. Over the years, therefore, several Linux distributions have arisen. Each distribution takes some set of components and packages them together, typically on a CD-ROM, along with custom install routines. Different distributions can take different approaches to creating a working Linux system. For instance, the popular Red Hat Linux distribution uses sendmail as its mail transfer agent (MTA), whereas Mandrake uses Postfix in this role, and Debian uses Exim. The end result is that each distribution has its own personality, and some distributions are better suited to some tasks than others. This web page summarizes my experience with several popular Linux distributions."
Linux Distributions Guide

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 26, 2005 )


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