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 New Features of OpenBSD 3.8

Very in depth interview that talks about the new features added to OpenBSD 3.8. Check it out they are doing some neat things.

"Reyk Floeter: With trunk(4), you can combine one or more ports as into one virtual network interface. A port could be any physical Ethernet or wireless interface, and it's even possible to add other trunks as ports. The trunk driver will send outgoing traffic with a specific algorithm over the attached ports, which depends on the actual trunk protocol. The first release in OpenBSD 3.8 supports a simple round-robin protocol; outgoing packets are distributed over the ports in a circular way. Furthermore, incoming packets from any attached port are forwarded into the receive queue of the virtual trunk interface. trunk(4) is supported by most of the actual intelligent network switches and some other operating systems, but everyone uses a different name; i.e., HP calls a trunk a Trunk and Cisco calls it Ether Channel, while Linux is using bonding as its name."
ONLamp.com: OpenBSD 3.8: Hackers of the Lost RAID

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Oct 25, 2005 )


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