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 New Power Macintosh G5 DualCore

Oh man I want one of those quad machines so bad! Well if you want to know how fast they are running this is a great look into that.

"We have tested the new Power Macintosh G5 2.3 Dual Core which only has one processor on the motherboard but theoretically should be faster than the old Dual machines anyways. Apart from the new processor, Apple have also transitioned to DDR2 memory like in the new Powerbook G4. The motherboard has in total eight DIMM-slots which makes for a maximum of 16 Gigabytes RAM. The card slots are now of the PCI Express type, the graphics card has a 16x slot and there is one 8x and two 4x slots available."
New Power Macintosh G5 DualCore

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Oct 21, 2005 )


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