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 Bringing Games to Intel-based Macs

I am excited about Intel based Macs, of course I get excited about a lot of things...

"Once a game is building in Xcode with GCC 4.0, it is time to “flip the switch� and build a universal binary. Since Aspyr primarily deals with games that were originally written for the Intel processor architecture, they had added a lot of byte-swapping code to handle the byte order differences with the PowerPC architecture. With the transition, those byte-swapping routines need to be pulled out of the code or surrounded with conditional compilation directives so that they only activate on PowerPC machines. For some of the games, the change was isolated to a single set of functions or macros. In others, Aspyr's engineers found multiple copies and different implementations of the byte-swapping code that needed to be updated."
Aspyr's Universal Binary Experience: Bringing Games to Intel-based Macs

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Oct 20, 2005 )


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