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Well if anyone wants my opinion they should listen a little less to their lawyers and a little more to their customers. But on the other hand sometimes these things get blown out of proportion.

"An internal beta of Zheng's client had been circulating in the weeks before, and when the official Teamspeak team heard about it, according to CG5Addict's blog, Zheng says, "They told me I had two options: Based on my actions they may either choose to take legal action on me, or I can choose to cooperate and work together with them so that I may make my client available as an unsupported client for Mac OS X. I have told I choose the latter, which is to cooperate but I'm not sure what that means from their end. I am still waiting for their reply. "
TeamSpeex News

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 19, 2005 )


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