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 Do it yourself - make your own led vest

I think Leah is a fashion trend setter. Great job, A+ for imagination!

"Mark the lines for your LED matrix on your garment. Also mark where you want your microcontroller (IC socket) and power-supply to be. You want a grid of conductive traces where the vertical traces do not touch the horizontal ones. A simple way to do this is to put one trace on one side of the fabric and the other trace on the the flip side of the fabric, utilizing the fabric as a natural insulator. The lines for the vertical traces should be on one side of your garment and the lines for the horizontal traces should be on the other. I marked both sets of lines on both sides to make sure my lines were well-placed. Use a T square to get good right angles and straight lines."
leah buechley - do it yourself - make your own wearable LED display

 (Submitted by Noel Sun Oct 16, 2005 )


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