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 Under /etc: A Simple Guide | Linux Journal

I like to make a backup file name filename.date. Sometimes on a machine with several people having responsibilities we have done filename.initials-date i.e. filename.nd-8oct05. The important thing is that you have a system so you can identify the old file if you need to go back to it.

"Newcomers to Linux, especially those coming from a Windows background, often find files in the /etc directory to be difficult to understand. In this article, I provide a brief explanation of some of these files and their uses. Before we dive into the /etc directory however, I would like to point out that changes to some of these files can render your system unstable or in some circumstances unbootable. I cannot emphasize enough that you should make a backup of these files before making any changes."
Under /etc: A Simple Guide | Linux Journal

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Oct 10, 2005 )


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