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 Short review of SuSE 10 Linux

I tried to early to get it and it was not on the mirrors yet and have been to busy after that. Well this is a short but good write up about it.

"The install on an old 1.2G AMD with 348K of RAM went flawlessly. While a bit on the slow side, the install progressed without a hitch. (I later installed on a much newer machine with 1G of RAM and the install seemed to fly!) The usual questions; language, licensing agreement, choice of install (KDE or GNOME), time zone, etc. Once answered, it was time for the install to begin. End of Disk 1, system rebooted and the install continued."
Suse 10 Goldmaster is a HIT! | Geektime Linux

 (Submitted by Noel Sun Oct 9, 2005 )


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