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 How To Build a Game In A Week

This guy used Python and PyGame to build a RPG in a really short amount of time. Interesting that this is possible and interesting that we are seeing more and more applications come out that are written in interpreted languages that would have needed to be compiled just a few years ago.

"I can't believe how quickly many features came together using Python as opposed to, say, C++ or even Java. Things like typeless variables, dictionaries, and extremely easy-to-declare lists (allowing a mixing and matching of object types) made it very easy to implement content lists, attribute handling, spell effects, and so forth. I was already a fan of the language, but now the prospect of using Python, tied into a high-level 3D engine, has become extremely appealing to me."
GameDev.net - How To Build a Game In A Week From Scratch With No Budget

 (Submitted by Noel Sat Oct 8, 2005 )


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