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 Interview with X-Plane Author

Sounds like if you like flying things you should check our X-Plane. The interview also has some interesting comments about coding on a Mac.

"Now the hobbyist can design and airplane, and simulate it in X-plane to see how it flies. You don't need to be an engineer to try this! You can think what kind of shape you'd like the plane to be, drop it into X-Plane, and it'll show you how it flies. Now if you're not an engineer, you might come out with a design that does not fly, or does not fly well, but X-Plane isn't going to give you some preconceived notion of how your plane is supposed to fly. It dutifully finds the forces on each piece of your plane, and will tell the hobbyist how his plane will really fly. "
Interview with Austin Meyer of X-Plane

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Sep 22, 2005 )


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