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 Perl Best Practices

Linux Journal has a very good review of the book Perl Best Practices. It sounds like an interesting book for any Perl programmer. I have written a good amount of parsing stuff in Perl but not recently, but if I were planning to write some Perl code this sounds like a great book to check out.

"Conway's bravery comes from his decision to highlight the problems that programmers can get themselves into when programming in Perl. Typically, these problems are with Perl as opposed to the programmer, and there's plenty of criticism of the programming language adored by the majority of Conway's readership. Conway's saving grace is that, having criticized, he then proceeds to demonstrate a technique or practice for avoiding that which he criticized. Make no mistake, some of Conway's advice is controversial."
Book Review: Perl Best Practices

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Sep 16, 2005 )


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