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 Review of Blosxom

With all the good blogging software out there just waiting for you to create an account and get started, I would consider carefully before I went out on my own. In my defense when I wrote the software for this site it was not really available. If after this you still want blogging software this article is a review of Blosxom which was written in Perl and Python.

"This where Blosxom comes in. Blosxom, written by Rael Dornfest, makes it very easy to maintain and publish a weblog. Blosxom simply maps the contents of a directory tree to a blog. Each text file in the tree is an entry, the first line is the entry's title and the remainder of the file is the body of a blog entry. Entries are ordered by the file's time stamps. Sub-directories in the tree represent categories. Users create new entries by simply editing a text file in the correct directory."
Blogging with Blosxom

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Sep 15, 2005 )


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