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 iTunes phone

If you want to stop looking like batman with a belt full of stuff this might be your ticket. The cingular lists it at $249.99 with a two year contract. Says it will support 100 songs.

The iPod nano was also announced. It is very small and has 2GB ($199) or 4GB ($499). They both come in black and white (the case that is, the displays are in color).

"With iTunes for your mobile phone, your songs live right alongside your contacts. Think of it as musical multitasking. Hear a selection of your favorite tunes while sending text messages, taking pictures or checking your email. Listen through the included stereo headphones or out loud on the ROKRís speakers. You can even pause the music when your phone rings, so you wonít miss any incoming calls."
Motorola ROKR

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Sep 8, 2005 )


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