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 Optimizing Oracle

Very in depth article that shows the results of TPC-C and TPC-D benchmarks on an automatic storage management setup and a setup using the Linux logical volume manager.

"Looking back at the technology change listing above, what we want to benchmark is the new LVM vs. ASM 2.0 on Red Hat Advanced Server 4.0's 2.6 kernel running Oracle 10g Release 2. In other words, we want to test all of the latest and greatest software technology available for non-RAC scenarios. The goal is simply to benchmark their fundamental performance characteristics against one another and, where possible, declare a winner. For that purpose, we need to simulate two radically different kinds of real-world workloads to cover differing needs. Thus, the following industry-standard benchmark tests are being used:"
Optimizing Oracle 10g on Linux: Non-RAC ASM vs. LVM

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Sep 1, 2005 )


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