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 Backing up your Mac

I should make a better backup plan. My current practice is to sync my Powerbook to an external firewire drive every few months when I think about it. Not very good at all. If you want to be more organized then me take a look at this guys method, looks like he has it down.

"My G5 desktop has a second internal drive, of equal capacity to the primary startup drive. I use SyncPro to, automatically each night, mirror my startup drive to my secondary drive. If my startup drive ever dies, I can immediately boot from the secondary drive, and at maximum have lost one day's work. (If a Powerbook were my primary machine, I would use an external Firewire drive in the role that G5's second internal drive serves in this architecture.)"
MacOS X Backup Strategy

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 29, 2005 )


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