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 Interview with Michal Zalewski

When I first saw Michal's name I thought for a few minutes that he was Jamie Zawinski (author of xscreensaver). Sorry about that guys. But this is Michal Zalewski. Jamie seems to still be running a nightclub in San Francisco. Whereas Michal is writing what looks like a cool book on security. This is a well written interview with Michal who sounds like a nice guy and has a great website.

"Well, I am just a computer geek. I am a relatively young, self-taught enthusiast who is fairly proficient in the field of computer security, and simply enjoys playing with this stuff. Since the mid-'90s, I managed to contribute some probably worthwhile research to this area, as witnessed by a number of BUGTRAQ readers. I found and helped to solve a bunch of interesting security problems, and wrote a couple of well-received papers; I also developed several small but cool open source infosec utilities such as p0f, memfetch, Fenris, and fakebust."
Michal Zalewski on the Wire

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Aug 26, 2005 )


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