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 Overview of Xgrid in Tiger

Xgrid is one of those things that makes me want to play with it even though I can't off the top of my head come up with anything that I really need to do with it. I am not creating rendered movies or even doing computationally research, but boy it sounds like a cool toy.

"The next piece of the Xgrid puzzle is the controller. Because most of us do not run Mac OS X Server, I am going to take you through setting up an Xgrid controller on the client version of Mac OS X Tiger. Apple hasn't gone out of its way to make setting up this controller obvious, but it can be accomplished with a few well-chosen commands in Terminal. If the command line is completely alien to you, you might consider using XgridLite, which achieves the same end result with a more user-friendly graphical interface."
Distributed Tiger: Xgrid Comes of Age

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Aug 24, 2005 )


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