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Omnioutliner was just one of those applications that Apple stuck on my Powerbook until I started reading some articles about using it. Soon I had not only given it a try but I had upgraded to the latest version. Its a great outliner. It is sort of a outliner combined with a spreadsheet.

No idea what you might use it for, but it has several todo lists and is going to be central in my plans to get some things done.

Give it a try you will like it.

"Then I hit the Info button and realized I could specify column types, summaries, outline types, alternate row colors, hide/expose the checkbox, and more. I also realized that the color wheel which I thought was so cool in Omnigraffle (with the ability to drag a color swatch on something to change it's color) appears to be a universal Mac thing, or at least Omnigraffle also supports it (maybe it's a OmniGroup thing). You can also alter the outline text itself since it's RTF. How cool is that? Maybe Mac users take it for granted, but us switchers are used the the tree view always being plain text (and isn't an outline basically a tree view)?"
Double Take on OmniOutliner

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Aug 23, 2005 )


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